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Single family home 
6,450 square feet 

St. Augustine Hospital, Oakland, CA

The Mirage High Rise, Downtown San Jose, CA

Midtown Elementary School, San Mateo, CA

Welcome! For over 20 years we have specialized in turning our customer’s dreams into reality. Whether you want a cottage or high-rise we’ll help you build it. Our engineers are qualified and certified experts!  Each engineer has a minimum of a BS degree in Civil Engineering and least 5 years industry experience. We guarantee quality in all our work and, most importantly, timely results.  

Our Services
A swimming pool should not only look beautiful, with sparkling clear water, but should also be a safe and healthy environment for you to enjoy with your family and friends.  You want to know that when swimmers jump in, the water is free of harmful contaminants and that the chemical balance is right where it should be.  All of our services are designed with these priorities in mind.

Regular Maintenance & Cleaning
Each weekly visit includes a thorough evaluation of your pool's chemical levels and equipment, as well as the pool itself. Products are added to ensure the safe chemical balance of your water and a healthy swimming environment.  Your pool is brushed, skimmed,  and debris removed from the bottom.  Bags, skimmers, baskets and filter are also cleaned.  We value communication and will keep you informed of any potential issues that come up.

Chemical Services
If you prefer to perform the routine maintenance for your pool we offer weekly chemicals-only services.  Each weekly visit includes a complete check and balance of all the chemical levels in your pool.

Equipment Repair, Sales & Installation
Whether your current equipment needs repair or replacing, you want to upgrade, or change from a chlorine to a salt system, we can help you get your pool in its most effective working order.  Ready to add a slide, custom safety cover or new ladder? We've got you covered there too.

Leak Detection & Repair
Leaks can happen in any part of your pool, whether in your vinyl liner or pool light.  Did you know that ants can eat holes in your vinyl liner? As certified divers we can dive your pool to find and repair leaks before they become a bigger problem.  

Pool Inspections
When you are buying a new home with a pool you want to know ahead of time about any potential problems, especially costly repairs.  Whether buying or selling a home, we can let you know about any potential issues and help you come up with a plan to get your pool in good shape.

Seasonal Opening & Closing
While some people  prefer to continue maintenance on their pool to keep it open year-round, others choose to close theirs for the winter season.  If so, we can properly prepare your pool to be closed with a cover so that when we open it in the Spring, minimal work is required to get it ready for the swim season.